Always Keep Learning for Social Media

Time flies! As a PR practitioner and a student of social media class, I have been struggling my way on social media platforms for almost three months. At the beginning, I even had no idea about how to make a concise structure of my blogs.

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Blog Still Works Well
As a matter of fact, nowadays in China, the blog is a little bit out-of-date. People focus more on other social media platforms and become accustomed to short contents rather than to read lot articles. After composing six blogs on different topics of social media, like Learning from Successful Campaign – Mercedes-Benz #MBPHOTOPASS and Really A Crisis for Facebook, not only do I master basic skills of writing a blog, I also have learned the process of social media development here in the United States. Moreover, writing blogs let me cultivate the habit to always keep up with social media trends. Only in this way can my blog be readable and engaging.
With the professional guide and continuing practice, I finally realize that writing blogs have gradually become one of my weekly habits, and I will keep on writing blogs. The first reason is that blog still works quite well in delivering information as a social media channel. More importantly, I regard my blog site as a free land for me to express and share my thinking with people with same interest. Although sometimes I will receive different views from comments, I can learn more from them, and I always think that having the comprehensive lens to see this world is a really important quality for a PR professional.

Memorable Social Media Class
Through the whole semester of learning social media with professor Benjamin, I really feel full in each class. Learning from knowing little about social media in America, I can feel my own progress and find confidence for further study of Public Relations. From the NYU Film Festival project, I and my group members gradually understand the importance of managing different social media platforms for different goals. Also, the social media listening tools we learned from the course bring us many benefits not only help a lot in the assignment of this course, but also for our other related courses.
Other unforgettable memories are the three guest speaker speeches. All the professional and passionate guest speakers broadened my horizon of the practical PR world with their work experience. On the one hand, each time listening to the speech made me feel that I need to work harder in social media learning, and later everything will turn out to be a wonderful result. All the speeches teach me one same thing that the very first thing to make a good performance in the social media industry is to be passionate about social media.

Ahead of me is still a long way to go, but I have gained the confidence from this course to walk further.

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